Japan Update:As of 3/9

Nothing much has happened with the Japan move, but we have looked at a few apartments. We determined that we need at least a four bedroom that allows dogs. The family is split over whether we prefer a low rise or a high rise building (The low rises are older and don’t have a receptionist, but they are bigger. The high rises are newer and have a receptionist, but they are smaller). The apartments vary in size, but we have seen some that are bigger than our house and some that are less than half the size. Aside from housing, we have explored what the American Club has to offer. It has all kinds of programs, from book clubs to basketball teams. It has a pool, a workout room, etc. Finally, we have started to look at which knick-knacks we want to put in storage. We all have plastic bins to put stuff in that we want to keep, but we could live without for a few years. Dad thinks we should just skip ahead to August.

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