Toyko, Japan Trip

Wow, what a first two days in Japan. We have done a few  things but they have been an experience. First of all we waited in a line to go through custom that was boring, then we took an hour bus ride to our hotel called The Hotel Okura. When we stepped off the bus all the hotel staff was waiting there to help us. After we checked in we unpacked in to our hotel room. Around 6:30 ish we went to go to dinner, the lady at the desk told us the place was only about a twenty minute walk. Since we had resverations and 7:30 and it was only 6:30 we agreed  to walk. Unfornately we made a wrong turn and the "twenty minute walk" turn out to be an hour walk. During our long walk we stoped and asker to different people for directions they both said to keep walking in the directions we were going. Finally we found a map and we were quite far away. After an hour we had found the place.  It look like a typical resteraunt. But no my asumiption was wrong. The receptionist showed us to our table. As we were walking to our table I saw people’s shoes  in front of the table. Before we sit down Dad tells us to take off our shoes. Can you imagine the thoughts going through my head right now? I do what I am told and take off  my shoes and sit with my legs crossed on a cushion. After the waitress left we talked about how many Japanese places make you take your shoes off. After dinner we took cabs home. We went to bed. The next morning we woke up and took showers. We went to McDonalds for breakfast. After we met up with  Jackie a person who works with the Hartford Relocation Office. Today we were going to see the school and have a  tour of Hiroo one of the living options. After a tour of Hiroo we took many busses and got a tour of the school. The school has a indoor pool, a fully built theater (the theater can do many things and all the seat can be pushed back and the seat area can be made into a meeting room it is really cool) two gyms, and a huge music room. After the tour we took many busses back and now I am here typing to you. We are havng so much fun in Japan. Tommorow we are going to look at apartment.

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