First week of Work

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I arrived on Sunday Night and moved into Azubu Towers right behind the American Club. Nice place overlooking the pool. They upgraded me to a larger one bedroom which was nice but useless because it would turn out that I just come back here to sleep and having a bigger place  means that I have to walk further to get to the living room.
First week at work was different. I have been here several times but actually having to work here was different. I needed to pay attention to so many things that I usually did not worry about. Personnel matters, procedures, language, air conditioning getting turned on at 8 and cutoff at 6 pm………. So much to do
The days have pretty much been from 7 am to 10 pm. I met with a few distributors which really was the highlight because it is exactly what I want to do.
We went to see the Chiba Lotte Marines on Wed night. (Check out the pictures) Greg, Jason, Herman, Chip and I went. We hung out with Bobby Valentine. It was pretty interesting. Bobby has tons of baseball memobrallia. Except for nine, he has all the World Series programs since inception. He has a a bat craved out of a 3000 year old tree. The game was fun. We have seats in the first and second row behind home plate.
We went for Jamacian food on Thursday. We are going to love this place, there is not a cuisine that you cannot get here.
Distributor forum on Friday. I met about a hundred people. Bobby Valentine spoke. Looks like I am going to see a lot of Bobby. I checked out the American Club on Fri night. I just walked in and nobody really bothered. It is strange not to be leaving on Friday.
First time in 17 years I have lived by myself. Thank god it is only for a couple of months. The internet is an amazing thing and all it brings Vonage, email, sports scores makes CT seem a lot closer.
Been running every other day. I am planning a doing a long one today (Sat May 19th). I just go back from breakfast at Sugis. I have have to take the kids there…great omelets. Started doing laundry. Stay tuned.

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