First Week of the second trip to Japan

Back for three weeks this time. The longest I have ever been away from home. It is Father’s Day today and CT just seems very far away. I opened the gifts with the kids on the phone. I got "1000 places to see before you die." There is a lot of the world still left to see.
The weather here is beautiful. It is in the low 80’s (27C got to get used to the change). Work was an adjustment this week. There is so much to do. I have a great team. HR has an assimilation program that all new employees have to go through. It actually is a good program if you brand new. Proving that everyone follows the checklist, I have assimilation meetings with Seki-san who I spoken to almost everyday for the last three years and Greg Boyko who I have worked with for twelve years.
I had Nepalese, Lebanese, Indian, Italian, American and of course Japanese. There are restaurants on every corner. I did go to the grocery store. I need to start cooking or all this running is not going to matter. Talking about running, I have been good about it but I need to pick up the speed. The older lady passing me was a good indicator that I was not running as fast I thought.
I was making coffee my first day back. I was using the Folgers coffee bags I had brought from home. I tasted the coffee the thought it tasted a little tart. The second sip was just as bad. I went to check the milk. I poured a little sip in separate glass and noticed the consistency was different than milk and guess what so, was the taste. It wasn’t very good milk but it was great yogurt. I now check with the cashier when the descriptions are all in Japanese.
I have my temporary residence card and my reentry visa on Friday. I am now an official resident of Japan Shibuya ward. Immigration offices are the same through out the world. Although at least in Japan they are courteous.
Well I am now off to mass and then to explore.

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  1. Lyndon and Mary
    Jun 23, 2007 @ 16:31:51

    Dad, where are you going to church? Are there any near our apartment? Please find out!! I love you and miss you!!! Sarah


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