The Chocolate Exhibit at Tokyo Midtown

Today, I visited a chocolate exhibit. It was an exihibit directed by Naoto Fukasawa at Tokyo Midtown. Tokyo Midtown is a major development in Roppongi. We walked by there but it was not opened as yet. You enter the exhibit and they give everybody a piece of chocolate. Is there a better way to start?
The exhibit was very interesting. It showed how much chocolate was consumed in each country. Chocolate is produced near the equator but the most is eaten in cold countries. Guess which country consumes the most? You have to call/email us to find out.
There was a movie of dripping chocolate (a mix of white and brown) being showed on the wall. Another image was of a person swimming in chocolate. That is the kind of pool I would go to. Remember the Pocco sticks we bought. Well there was a whole exhibit of stick people. It was very cool. There were pictures of chocolate farmers from ??????? (the largest chocolate producing country in the world.) There was a oversized white place setting on a wall and there were chocolate finger prints all over the setting. It looked like someone ran all over the pieces with their fingers. There was an exhibit that had just splatters of chocolate on the floor. Strange but tasty. It is similar to how the kitchen looks after you make chocolate milk but strangely Mom does not view it as art.
There was a room with about thirty plates with different pieces of chocolate on them. There were chocolate puzzles, gold chocolate, chocolate cake, ice cream covered in chocolate, chocolate coffee cup, chocolate syrup container, chocolate covered with edible paint in pink, blue, red …….All of these were made of chocolate and that why all the plates were covered.
There was a stack of boxes of different chocolates (Reeses, Lindt, Cadbury….) that went from the floor to the ceiling about 30 feet high. Finally there was a tunnel you could walk through that had sounds piped in. As you walk through the tunnel you would first hear chocolate being harvested, then being refined, then being unwrapped and finally being eaten. It was very best of all the exhibits.
"Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies." – John G. Tullius from The Little Book of Chocolate

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