End of Schoolyear

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      The 2006-2007 schoolyear has come to an end. It seems like only yesterday that I walked into Rm. 210 ready to start my 8th grade year. This year has flown by incredibly fast. As they say, time flies when your having fun. The fabulous field trips, wonderful projects, terrific concerts, and unbelivable presentations can all be categorized as fun. On Friday, we got our yearbooks. By Tuesday, the last day of school, people were lucky to find a place to sign mine. That was really touching. I still haven’t read all the messages because I know that I’ll cry and I can’t handle that right now. Speaking of crying, I spent Tuesday bawling. I can’t believe that I won’t ever be in middle school again! I also may not see some of my classmates for a long time. Many of them are going off to private school, so I won’t see them when we get back from Japan. It’s hard to imagine life without some of these people. I’ll miss them a lot.
The Friday before the last day of school was Class Night. Everyone got dressed up. I wore a pinkish dress that went down to my knees and cream high-heel sandals. The night started off with a reception outside where punch was served. Afterwards, everyone moved into the gym for an award ceremony. Lots of people gave speechs and the faculty band played a couple of songs. Next, the parents and siblings left and the students moved to the cafeteria for dinner (breadsticks, mozzerella sticks, and a vegetable platter). We also watched a slideshow made up from people’s favorite pictures. Finally, we moved back into the gym for the dance. I had a great time!
Well, summer is going to bring some fun, yet busy days. I am going to be in High School Musical through the summer theater program. Catherine, Emily, and Michael are going to be in The Granny Awards throught the junior theater program. Swim team has already started, though we’ve only been to one practice, due to rain, piano recitals, and graduation. The family vacation to Emerald Isle is planned for late July/early August and then we’re off to Tokyo!

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