First week of the Third Trip to Japan

I arrived on Monday July 9th. I begun my last stay here without the family. It was the first time I had to take a bus to somewhere other than downtown Tokyo. I arrived at Shinjuku station and then I took a cab home. Wow it is strange calling Japan home.
I am getting into a routine at work. Lunch is always interesting. There are so many options but it turns out the Indian food is my favorite. I do not want to get into much of a routine because there are so many restaurants to try. Work is going well. I have so much to do. There are the same issues here as there in the US. The lack of leadership depth is incredible. We had our all employee meeting on Friday the 13th. US Ambassador Scheiffer spoke. He is Bob Scheiffer’s (newscaster from CBS) brother.
The weekend arrives and it is a three day weekend. It was bad enough to deal with two days off. I did the usual running laundry, groceries, cleaning etc. Cable was connected on Saturday. I have not watched TV in a week. I watch for a little while and I probably will not watch for another week. We were supposed to have Hartford day at the baseball game on Sunday. The game was cancelled because of the typhoon. It was my first typhoon. It was over blown (no pun intended). There were heavy rains but not as bad as I imagined. I ended going to lunch with Greg and Murakami-san (the first Japanese baseball player in the majors) He was a pitcher with the San Fransico Giants. I was supposed to be in the box with the Ambassador and the advisory board. The game plan is to make it up in October.
Monday was a national holiday. To add to the excitement we a 6.3 earthquake in northern Japan. Greg said the office building was swaying. I did not feel it at all. So it was a weekend of natural diasters. Not a good way to begin our trip to Japan.
Back to work tomorrow. 

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