We’re on the move

We have had a very hectic and emotional last few days. The movers were here last week and Mon – Wed of this week. The final trucks pulled out on Wed afternoon.  We had to organize Sea, Air and Storage shipments plus what all we need for vacation and living for the next few weeks.  We have also had to say many goodbyes to very good friends. We know it’s not goodbye but so long for awhile BUT it is still very hard.  SO if any of our friends read this, know how much we will be missing you and how hard it is to be leaving. 
All of the kids have been farmed out to friends to keep them occupied. We really appreciated that too.  Sarah has been in  a play, High School Musical.  We get to see it tonight. We have been in the Residence Inn since Sunday night and leave tomorrow for the beach with all my family. I think relaxing on the beach will be just what we need.  Probably how jumbled this message is reflects how our life is right now.  I will try to be better next time in keeping up with our adventure to Japan.

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