Costco and Summer Festival

In Japan, there are very few stores that carry things you can also get in the US, Costco being one of them. Yesterday we decided to take a trip out there to stock up on stuff that is hard to get normally. Most people who go to Costco drive, but since we don’t have a car we took the subway. It took us almost 2 hours to get there!!! Once we arrived, we started shopping on the second floor where the household items where. 2 bottles of Tide, 1 pouch of Dove Shampoo, a broom, 4 pillows, a refill-size bottle of hand soap, and many, many more things went into our basket. Deciding that our 2 industrial-size shopping carts would not be enough, Catherine and Emily got a third basket as the rest of us headed to the first floor: the food. We went crazy buying chicken, fish, hamburger, and bacon in larger packages (in Japan, most meat is packaged for 1-2 people). We bought a crate of clementines, a bunch of bananas, and a container of grapes. Next came peanut butter, pasta, macaroni and cheese, ceasar salad dressing, chips, salsa, olive oil, seasonings, and so much more. Overall, we were in the store for 2 1/2 hours!! I think that has to set some kind of record. After making arrangements for our 3 carts of merchandise to be delivered to our apartment, we headed back on the subway. Unlike the ride to Costco, the ride home was only 1 hour 15 minutes because a) we knew what we were doing and b) we took a rapid train (uknowingly) which skips over some minor stops to make the train rides faster. Luckily, our stop was on the list and we arrived home after a long trip, yet we couldn’t relax for long. Tokyo was having a Summer Festival and there were fireworks being sent off from Tokyo Bay. The Tani Family had invited us to their apartment (on the 30th floor) for dinner and then to watch the fireworks since their apartment overlooked the bay. At 5:00 we started on yet another train to the Tani apartment. The party turned out to be very nice. There was good food and the fireworks were wonderful!! They lasted 1 1/2 hours and I saw some designs that I have never seen before. Fireworks like paint splotches, smiley faces, and hearts were some of the new designs. I think that it was the best firworks show I have ever seen! After a long day, we finally headed on the Mita Line then on the Chiyoda Line and arrived home.

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