Baseball Game in Tokyo

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Last week we went to a Chibe Lotte Marines baseball game. The Hartford is one of their major sponsors so we got  the royal treatment.    We were taken onto the field during batting practice, hung out in the dugout, met Bobby Valentine (their coach , former Mets coach) and had box seats.  In that weather – very hot- the air conditioned seats were a bonus.  Baseball in Japan is very serious business. They have cheerleaders, some in kimonos, and 4 mascots.  They cheer and chant almost the entire game.  They wave flags, sing songs, and are very vocal.  There were fireworks at the bottom of the 5th inning.  At the 8th inning they sang their team song and then everyone was given a ballon that they blew up and let free all at once. Michael was in heaven even though by the 9th inning he was half asleep.  He wanted to know if they had popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs like in the USA, unfortunately , no. Edamame, spring rolls, etc.. were on the menu.  It was a great time and we hope to experience more Japanese baseball.

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