We bought a car!!!

We bought a car – a Toyota minivan. This is well ahead of schedule. I was going to rent this weekend but Mike Lay (a guy that a friend of mine introduced me too) made it too easy. He is an Australian who has been here 19 years. He delivered the car to us and we decided to keep it over the weekend. The van is called a Estima. It is the biggest minivan they have in Japan but is smaller than our Honda Odyssey in the US. It After getting the very important insurance, I have started to drive. As you would expect it took a little getting used too. Everytime I made a turn, I had to reorient myself. I keep turning the wipers on everytime I want to turn. I keep turning to my right to reverse and left to look out the side mirror. I never want to be the first in the lane there is too much pressure to figure where to go. A lot easier to follow someone instead. The van has an english navigation sytem which makes finding places and directions much easier. In fact  all I have to do is concentrate on remaining on the left. Left is right and right is wrong. The lanes are narrower and the parking spots are tighter than the US. One of the features this van has is a button that will automatically fold in your side mirrors after you park. We drove to Costco and it was only about 45 minutes. A very different experience than the train ride out there. I filled gas and paid a few tolls so that cost of living adjustment was fully used. Gas was $5.15 per gallon but I think I paid for full service. By the end of the weekend I was pretty comfortable driving. Next week I have to go through the registration process. Lyndon



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