First day of school

Yesterday was the first official day of school for everyone.  Sarah’s was really the day before but they did a modified schedule to fit in all of their classes.  They all have  had a lot of orientations, so felt pretty comfortable.  They have all made some friends, many of which are in their classes or on their bus.  It is truly a small world.  I have met so many people here from all over the world, but believe it or not someone who lived in Avon , CT.  Sarah came home so excited to have met a girl on the bus who was half Indian, half Scottish.  Brody said she has never met anyone with that close of a combination before. (Me Irish, Lyndon Indian) I came home after orientation saying I met someone who lived in AVon for a year. Her daughter was born there. They lived in the Avon Mill(I think that was the one) apartments.  Then yesterday went to the neighborhood coffee and was talking to the same woman, who as it turns out is the mother of Brody!!!  Also have met a family  from Marietta who lived off of Shallowford and Johnson’s Ferry.  It would have been about 5 minutes at the most from where we lived in Roswell. Her daughter would have gone to the middle school I taught at. Anyway, it is quiet here now that they are all at school. I worked out and then have been cleaning and doing laundry .  The only problem is that we have only one set of towels each and I have put mine in the laundry.  It takes over an hour in each the  washer and dryer, so I am waiting for laundry to be finished before I can shower and go out. I am sure I can find more to clean. 

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