September so far

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Well we are into September and so far so good.  School is settling into  a little bit of a routine.  Catherine and Emily have volleyball and Michael has swimming. Sarah  had to change her class schedule so two weeks now into school and she has some different classes.  Lots of catching up to do. They are getting used to riding the bus much longer than in Avon. Sometimes they can get a lot of homework done. For our Atlanta friends, the headmaster of the school reminds us all of Kevin Woods.  I go to meetings where he is talking and I keep thinking it is Kevin.   I drove for the first time the other day.  It is really a strange feeling being on the other side of the road and the steering wheel on the other side.  Your orientation is off. BUT, I signed up to be  a substitute at school so I better learn how to get around better.  I can ride the bus to school but it is already three people over the limit and those three sit in the jump seats. I guess I will do what I have to do.  We went to the park near us the other day.  It is called Yoyogi Park. It is really big and has a beautiful shrine attached.  On Sundays people dress up in wild costumes, just for effect. There are usually many men dressed as Elvis.  Several bands play all around the edge of the park.  In the events area they  often have festivals. Sunday was a Brazillian festival.  Lyndon and Sarah were in heaven!  Lots of meats and sausages to eat.  It was very hot though again.  We have a great support group of people in the building. I have already made some friends that have helped a lot.We walked to an Indian restaraunt close to here the other night with another family in the building. People are always offering to help out with driving or just giving a good tip here and there. We have one month under our belt and hopefully it will just keep getting better.

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