Heiwano – mori Koen

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Our latest adventure was a park called Heiwano- mori Koen.  The boy scouts are going next week but Michael will not be able to go so we thought we’d go on our own.  It is only about a half hour away but it took forever due to traffic.  When we finally got there we found that they don’t let people in after 3:00 and it was almost 3:30 and they close at 4:30.  The man was really nice though and let us in.It is  a park with 45 stations of obstacle course/ropes course type adventures. They get progressively harder.  Some go over water and you“might” get wet.  We won’t say who got wet in our family, but if you look closely you will be able to tell by the pictures.  We took one of Michael’s friends from the building with us.  It was really fun.  I was so sore and bruised from doing some of the ropes.  I wanted to try everything too, I  was not going to let my children out do me, even though they did. Michael and Matthew just flew through it all. We felt like we were on Survivor. If you check out the pictures in the album you’ll get a little feel for how it was.  The beauty of it was that it only cost 100 yen ( less than $1) for kids and 360  yen for adults.  We will definitely go back when we could take a little more time doing it.  It would be  a great birthday party spot.  It is next to a nice park where you could picnic and really make a day out of it.  We’ll keep you posted on our next adventure, whatever it may be.

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