Went for a haircut last week (9/30). This is usually uneventful except for the fact that I notice that my forehead continues to grow. Michael and I went to our local barber. This would not be the first time getting my haircut in Japan but last time it was at an english speaking barber. It is hard enough explaining to a new barber what you want done. But when the only form of communication is sign language along with some well place facial expressions it is close to impossible. In the US, number 3 on the clippers gets me what I am looking for. In Japan when I tried sen (three in Japanese) the barber made a long sucking sound and proceeded to shake his head in protest. He tried to talk me up to a 6 (roku in Japanese). But I thought he was just trying to get me to keep it long so I would be back sooner. Well I think he noticed that I wanted to get my money’s worth at $40 a haircut so he went with the three. He shaved the side to my head to show me what it would look like. Now mind you, he shaved me not at an edge so that I could then change my mind but in the middle of my hair. Now this was obvously so that I could get the full effect of a three. Well Michael sitting in the chair next to me had this look of excitement (well maybe it was fear) and said "I am going with a six, Dad." Once I relaxed and accepted my fate and the rest of the haircut turned out quite nice. He actually did a very good job. I had a lot less gray when he was done but that was mostly because I had a lot less hair. He shaved my sideburns the old fashion way. Never had that done before. After the cut they give you a hot steaming towel. This is incredible. You get to wrap your whole head in this hot towel. Michael got one as well. They then gave me a shoulder and back rub. This was the highlight. At this point all the stress of the first few minutes was all forgotten. Michael looked very good with his number 6 cut. He did not like that he did not get a back rub. On the way home we complemented each other and decided we would have to go back again. Next Japanese lesson "How to get a haircut?"

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