Scout Camping Trip

Michael and I (Lyndon) went camping this weekend (Oct 20-21). I have not been camping in over 20 years and Michael never has been. We had purchased a little two man tent this past weekend. We had a blast. We went to Tama Hills which is an old Japan ammunition dump but is now run by the US Army. We arrived Saturday afternoon to a perfect day weather wise. It took about an hour and half but only because we got lost getting there. All part of the experience. The trip was part of the Cubscouts.  First, we went on a nature hike with the troop. We came back to set up the tent. Good thing I had set up the tent at home otherwise it would have been a much longer time. We then played for a while before we started on dinner. Hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob…plenty of good food. We then built a camp fire. The Webelos, which Michael is part of, were responsible for building the fire. Supervised playing with fire – very quickly we had a huge roaring fire. Then we sang songs and told stories. Smores followed for dessert. We then set out on a moonlight hike. Our troop got lost. There was and still is some dispute as to who was in charge of leading the troop astray but after an hour and a half diversion we were back on track. Exhausted, we got ready for bed. Thankfully plumbing was not one of the creature comforts we sacrificed. We went to bed.
The night was difficult. It got down to about 50F which was cold for us novices. Somebody decided to have motorbike drag races from 2-4 in the morning which didn’t help. The wind was whipping around the tree tops but did not really effect the tent. All of this reminded me of the benefits of good insulation. We woke up at 6 am. Actually Michael woke up at six and woke me up. After we got ready we had "Breakfast in a bag." We take a resealable plastic bag, add eggs, splash of milk, preferred meat, cheese and seasoning. Remove all the air and seal the bag. Throw the bag into boiling water for a few minutes. Voila "Eggs in a bag". They were actually quite good. The only thing missing was coffee. We did not have filters. Someone suggested socks but that idea did not go anywhere. We then played a couple of innings of baseball and then had the major clean up and camp break down. A lot of people took off after that but we hung around and played some football. It was a perfect day. We left about 11 and went to the store on the grounds. It was a US store and they only took US dollars. It was just like being home. We bought some cereal and watched the World Series for a little bit and headed home. Memorable trip. Being outside, bonding with each other………we will do it again.
Thoughts from Michael: I think the best part was getting lost on the moonlight hike and going through the tunnel. I wished we could have had coffee so that the adults could wake up and play with us in the baseball game.

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