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Happy Halloween!!!
Yes, they do celebrate Halloween in Japan. In Yoyogi, it was crazy. The streets were packed and you couldn’t move with out bumping into somebody. There were long lines in front of houses just to get candy. At one house, we waited about five minutes.  Emily and I were dressed up as an angel and a devil. I was the angel and Emily was the devil (makes perfect sense!!) Emily and I had 6 friends over. Four of them were also devils and angels with us. The other two were M&Ms and a rapper. It was so cool because they called their mom’s at the same time and there was 5 different languages being spoken. Itailan, Spanish, Hebrew, French, and English all at once. Sarah was the tooth fairy. Sarah went with some friends. Michael was Shinjuku station. Shinjuku station is the busiest station in Tokyo. Michael had all the train lines running through him.  Michael went trick or treating with Mom and his friend Mathew and Kyle. We went trick or treating in our orthodontic office, there were so excited to have us come. They gave us sugar free lollipops and tooth brushes. We got a lot of candy, but we have eaten most of it. Japanese candy is ok. We didn’t get good candy. No Skittles, Hersheybars, Toostie Rolls, Kisses, Butterfingers, Starburst, 100 Grand, and Kit Kats. We got maybe one of each of those but mostly Japanese candy. You have to develop a taste for some Japanese candy. It was different but we had a blast.

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