Blue Man Group

Last Saturday (Jan 26) we went out for a late birthday celebration.  Lyndon had bought 4 tickets to see the Blue Man Group.  He hated to tell me this for my birthday because… he bought the tickets, picked them up and then lost them.  He could not find them when he got home. In his defense the envelope design is bad.  He called TAC where he bought them. They had the record of him buying and paying and his seat numbers. They talked with the venue.  They told us to come and if no one was in our seats at 5 minutes before the show we could go in. So our dilemna was how do we invite another couple and tell them maybe we were going to see the Blue Man Group. We asked the Ponds since Bill’s birthday was Jan 7 and they were up to the challenge. The ticket office knew who we were and were very positive.  We waited and waited. Finally they came out and told us someone was in OUR SEATS.   The man felt bad for us I guess and so he said we could go sit in the balcony in the SRO seats.  It was folding chairs where the staff sits.  We said fine.  It was a very entertaining show. They were really interesting. It is hard to really explain the show. At one point the one blue man was throwing marshmallows across the stage to the other one and he was catching them in his mouth. He ended up with 30 marshmallows in his mouth!!!!  In the end the finale was this mass of paper towels.  They started pulling rolls of paper from the back and across the audience.(Very hard to explain)  We even had some up in the balcony.  It went on for at least 5 minutes, unravelling the rolls. The whole audience was covered in paper. And they had the flourescent light on so they were all glowing. When the man came at the end to lead us back out he gave us a gift and apologized.  We were grateful that he let us in. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see the Blue Man Group it is a fun time, even for the kids.  (We said we should have taken them)

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