Tokyo Disney

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On Friday, we went to Tokyo Disneyland. By car, it takes about 45 minutes, so we left early in the morning to get there when the doors opened. Our first ride was Space Mountain, our favorite Disney roller coaster. After that, we hit the classics: It’s a Small World, the Teacups (Sarah, Catherine and Emily did this one about three times in a row), Haunted Mansion, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (the only one left in the world; the others have changed to Tarzan), Pirates of the Carribean, Honey, I shrunk the Kids show and Peter Pan’s Flight. We also went on the Buzz Lightyear ride where you have to shoot the targets. Dad beat us all with 9000 points (I only got 3500). It was Michael’s first time on Splash Mountain, since last time we went to Disney (almost exactly a year ago; check out the California pictures) it was closed for reconstruction. Luckily we didn’t get too wet and Michael loved it! The funny moment of the day was on a “ride” a lot like the Jungle Cruise, except for you canoe around a river. Unfortunately, the instructions were in Japanese and we had no clue when to paddle and when not to. I think the Japanese in our canoe were laughing at us!! Usually all the signs and instructions are in both Japanese and English. They also had Cinderella’s Coronation light show lighting up the park in front of Cinderella’s castle. It was impressive and beautiful. The Tokyo Disney sells not just plain popcorn but caramel, chocolate, curry, honey, pepper and butter flavored. I think the marketing people for Disney must love Japan.  You can make any animal or character into a hat and they will wear it on their head – old, young, men and women. They had Monster Inc., Lilo and Stitch, Tigger, Pirates,etc on them. The Japanese love their characters!  They even had a mask (the kind they always wear to keep away germs)with Pooh’s mouth and nose drawn on it.  It really is quite amusing. For dinner, we met up with Rick Calderon and Renee Koher. Rick, who used to work with Dad, came to visit and for work. Renee, an  friend from Christmas Carol, was here dancing in a show at Tokyo Disneyland. It was great to see them. Overall, Disney was so much fun and I’m already planning our next trip to Disney Sea!!!

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  1. Joan
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 09:50:09

    I love all the great things you are doing together. Thanks for sharing! Maybe we can go to Disney when I come next year!! Love to everyone.


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