Sydney March 2008

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We just returned from Sydney for our Spring Break.  We had a very busy week.  We started out leaving on Friday night for an over night flight. We arrived in Sydney in the morning. Since we could not check in until 2:00 we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and started our whirlwind touring of Sydney.  We started with  the Sydney Wildlife World. It is kind of like an indoor zoo with  a variety of unique animals.  We hung out in Darling Harbor where our apartment was until we could check in.  We needed  a little nap to get  our energy back up. For dinner we stayed  in the Harbor and had an incredible dinner at Jordan’s. The next morning we got up and went to church at the St. Mary’s Cathedral.  It was a beautiful church, unfortunately they are doing a lot of reconstruction on it and we could not see most of mass. After mass we walked around and went through the Chinese Gardens.They are really quite beautiful right in the middle of the city.  Afterwards we set off to The Rocks, Walking around Circular Quay, looking at the Sydney Opera House, and going out to the Olympic Park.   The next day we had a great day at the beach. We ferried out to Manly Beach.  It is a very pretty beach and very lively.  The water was cold!  It did not bother Michael though.    We used the ferries to get around a lot. They use them just like taxis.  The next morning Sarah, Emily and I got up early and did the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb.  It was really a cool thing to do. You climb to the top of the bridge, on the outside.  It was very hot for us. You had to be 10 to do it so Michael could not do it. You also had to be 2 children to 1 adult so we had to split up. After our climb we went off to the zoo.  Everyone told us that the giraffes havae one of the best views of the city. They did.   AFter the zoo, Lyndon and Catherine did their climb. Unfortunately it rained a little on them.  The guides give you a lot of Sydney history and facts while climbing.  On Wednesday we went to the Sydney Aquarium.  Then the girls and I went out to find a little shopping.  Their clothes though are going into winter. They  needed shorts and summer stuff. But, no worries, we still found things to buy.  On Thursday we took a  bus trip out to the Blue Mountains. It started with a  stop at Featherdale, a wildlife preserve.   The kangaroos were roaming free.  You could pet a koala.  There were many birds and other exotic species.  Next we went off to the blue mountains .  There were spectacular views.  It was a long day.  There  is a lot more to this day. I will let someone else blog all the details.  On Friday we went out to Bondi Beach.  It too was incredible.  The water was so blue.  It was fun walking along the beaches. There were a lot of exercise stations along the path.  We tried them all!    On Saturday we had to check out early but had the rest of the day to spend in Sydney.  We went to the Pylon Lookout Museum. The views were postcard perfect that day.  Then we went up to the Shangri La Hotel for refreshments and the view .  We walked back into the Harbor area where they were having a Greek Festival. At night we boarded a train and went to the airport for our overnight return flight.  This is just the bare facts of the trip.  I know someone else can give all the fluff details including food (Sarah and Lyndon) and anecdotes.

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