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Last week, Catherine and I (Emily) went on a five day field trip to Izu. It was so much fun! On Monday morning, we took the bus to school with three bags each and we rode a van for 4 hours to Izu. When we got there I went hiking. It was very windy! On the hike we did a trust walk. A trust walk is when you walk in a line and everyone is blindfolded besides the leaders.  It was fun. Then we went to our cabins. In your cabin you have three or four other people and a teacher. I had my math teacher! That night we had to cook dinner for some other teachers. We cooked pasta! It was good! The next morning Catherine and I both went on Culture day! Culture day is when you go to Shimoda (that is where the 1st U.S. Counsel general stayed). We went to lots of museums and momuments. We went to the Shimoda port, which is where the black ships came in. That was very fun.  We ate dinner at a Japanese resuraunt. The next day I went snorkling and tide pooling. Tide pooling was fun, but snorkling wasn’t. The water was cold and all you could see was algae. There was a typhoon and everything was washed up. Then I did beach algae pressing. We collected algae and then pressed it between cardboard onto paper to make beach algae pictures. We then cleaned up Yumigahama beach! That was fun. For dinner we had a BBQ. The next day I went swimming with the dophins. Sooooo much fun! They felt rubbery. It was so cool. Then I went kayaking. We kayaked in the ocean and for a very long time. That night had a big BBQ and we roasted marshmellows. The next day we got in the van and left for Tokyo. We had a blast!

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