I can’t believe one school year is done! Time flies even in Japan.  We kept busy as usual with school, work, volunteering, recitals, plays, sporting events, school work, visitors and social outings.  My sister Janice came out for Sarah’s Comfirmation in April. It was surprise for the kids so it was lots of fun.   We had the high school play, Grease, which Sarah was in for a couple weekends in April/May.  Catherine and Emily had their big Izu trip and a great basketball season. The fourth grade takes a lot of field trips in May based on Japanese culture. I was able to do some of them plus substitute several days in the Spring.  Michael also had baseball, boy scouts and soccer. Their baseball team was 4th out of 4 but ended up winning the Championship!!! Unfortunately, Lyndon was in the US and did not get to see it. Last year he was in Japan and missed their championship win too. We are going to have to work on his schedule for next year.  We are now in the US for the summer. Lyndon is back in Japan after bringing MJ over. It will be a long summer without him.  We are in Atlanta visiting family and friends. We went to the Braves game 21 of us in all. It was a lot of fun. We will go to CT on Monday and see friends there too. The kids are very excited to meet up with their old friends!!!  Sarah is currently in California at cheerleading camp. Catherine and Emily go to volleyball camp later in the summer. Michael will do a drama camp too. They all will take part in swim team again at Sycamore. It is a great way to get excercise and bond with their friends.  I think MJ and I are going to hang out together.  When someone asked Michael where we were going to stay in CT he said, "At the Residence Inn and at friends"  I think any chance they get to see their friends in CT they are going to cherish it.  We’ll end up at Emerald Isle in Aug and then back to Atlanta for a week or so before we head back to Japan.  I will try to update with pictures as the months go on.

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