Another Japanese experience for the books.  We decided it was a rainy Saturday and did not have anything we had to do so let’s try Karaoke. We’ve been saying that we should do this for  a year now. With our kids we figured it had to be a hit. We went to a place in Shibuya.  You get your own room on a Fairy Tale Character named floor. We were on Alice’s floor. Our musical tastes range from Mika to Elvis, Shakira to Diana Ross, Queen to Maroon 5 and everything in between. Michael does a mean Elvis impersonation. Maybe one day he will be in Yoyogi Park on  a Sunday doing his Elvis. We spent two hours trying our best to sound good and follow along. Sometimes you see the words and think,"Hey is that what it really says in the song?"  It had cheesy video playing behind the words. Here’s some of our favorites:  Love Shack, Hips Don’t Lie, Bohemian Rhapsody, You’re the one that I Want, and 1985. We really had a great time. Now you all have to come visit us so we can take you too!!!!

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