Back to school etc..

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Today is Sept 12 here in Japan.  You all are memorializing (right word????) Sept 11 right now.  We were talking about how we remember that day so vividly. I’ll always know Michael was starting school at The Cobb School and the Strassners were getting ready to go to Disney that week. It was a beautiful blue sky day.  We have been having that kind of weather here the last few days. Right now Lyndon is actually chaperoning the 5th grade field trip to Summerland, an indoor/outdoor water park.  It is supposed to be 87 and sunny!!  I am getting ready to go to a Tupperware Party. That’s  a first in Japan.  Our neighbor is President of Tupperware in Japan (new job) so his wife is having a party. Should be fun and I actually need a few things.  Anyway, we are back in the school routine.  Sarah is a cheerleader for the JV football team. Catherine and Emily are playing MS Volleyball.  Michael is on the Elementary swim team.  We’ve started back on piano, guitar and Irish dancing. Sarah is going to team teach preschool CCD on Sunday mornings.  Catherine and Emily will be confirmed in CCD this year.  I have been subbing and volunteering at school. I am going to start tutoring a student after school once a  week. This is on top of homework, socializing and just trying to get some sleep.  Lyndon’s parents will come next Saturday. They will stay until Oct 26.  I give them a lot of credit to make this trip. It will not be easy for them but they want to get over here to see Japan and the kids.  We are really excited.  We probably wont be able to go a lot of places but we are going to try to do as much as they can handle.  I am sure we will blog their entire visit at a later date.  ANyway, I will attach some first day of school pictures and some from a festival of dance at Yoyogi Park a few weeks ago.

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