It’s been a busy Fall

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      Wow! I can not believe it will be Halloween tomorrow.  The  time is flying by so fast.  When we returned from Summer vacation Lyndon struggled with the decision to change jobs.  He finally decided to resign from The Hartford and start a new job as CFO of AIG Japan/Korea. He started  on Sept 15.  Not good timing.  Needless to say it has been stressful and busy.                                                                                                                                             
      The following, weekend Sept 20, his parents and their helper arrived from India. Tokyo is not a  very Handicapped accessible  city.  Anyway we made the most of our time and met challenges as they came.  Not only did we get them out to ASIJ for a couple of football games (Sarah is a JV Cheerleader),MS volleyball games (Catherine and Emily), ES Swim Meet (Michael), and Band concert (Sarah) but we did many other “outings”.  We made a trip to Costco.  It is very large and overwhelming but Nana was sure to find some treasures to take back with her (Chocolate covered raisins!!!). We went to Tokyo Tower to view the city of Tokyo. It is  a radio tower which  they have made as a tourist spot to see a panoramic view of  Tokyo . To find some beautiful pottery we went to Kappabashi, the kitchen district.  We took a scenic boat ride up the Sumida River  up to Asakusa.  You pass under 12 bridges as you float up the river.  At Asakusa there are many shops leading up to the shrine and temple area.  This was all a challenge as it was very crowded and lots of walking.  We would push Papa in the wheelchair and then drop him off with one of the kids then go back and get Nana.  It was a beautiful day though and well worth all the work.  We went to Karaoke in Shibuya.  They LOVED singing all the oldies but goodies (When The Saints Go Marching In).  They were surprised to see all the kids belting out their favorites too.    We even made a trip to the Edo Tokyo Museum.  It is the most handicapped accesible place in Tokyo. Actually Nana said it was her favorite place we visited.  It tells all about the history of Tokyo. Now this is some of the attractions but we also delved into many of the local food options. They did not think they would like sushi at all but were pleasantly surprised by how well they did like it!  We took them to Renn, our favorite yaka tori place. They tried shabu shabu at Mo Mo Paradise in Shibuya.  Our favorite hamburgers (Arms) and pizza (Pizzakaya) were also on our menu in between all the great Indian food they cooked.  We had a meal for a bunch of my La Tour friends and a dinner for a couple of couples as well. We took Papa down to the gym several days and had him working out on the Treadmill and weight machines. You need to see the pictures to believe it I am sure I am missing something but time does go very quickly. The five weeks flew and they left last Sunday (Oct.26). 
      Now it is time to kick in to Fall activities. Tomorrow is Halloween.  I’ll blog that later.  Catherine and Emily have been at Lake Sai/  Tokyo Cultural Days this week.  They will blog those later. And Sarah will go on her JUMP Trip to work on a Japanese farm in the next few weeks. She’ll blog too. The days have been beautiful with blue skies, low humidity and warm daytime/cool nightime temperatures.  The leaves are begining to change and colors are abundant.  It’s a little like  Fall in CT but at a much smaller scale.
     Right now I am on my third day of substituting at ASIJ this week.  We are watching October Sky. A great movie if you have not seen it.  It is a true story about a boy in WV who learns how to build rockets to try to get out of the coal industry.  Well, class is almost over so I am going to finish up here and do something to earn my pay.

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