Lake Sai

Emily’s Story

LAKE SAI is a school trip we took in October! I had so much fun!

1st day- I got on the bus with 3 bags filled with warm clothes and stuff. When we got at school we got on another bus for 2 hours. We had a ¼ of the grade on the bus. (about 25 kids). When we got there we went straight to our cabins. I shared mine with my best friend and another girl. And of coarse we were the ones with a teacher in ours. After we got settled, we went on our first activity with our groups. My group also had my best friend in it! Our first challenge was orienting. It sounded really boring, but it wasn’t. You have to go through a forest and find stations. You have a map to follow, but it was really challenging. Our team worked nicely together, but we lost. Then after that we had to time to relax and go near the fire since it was freezing cold. After relaxing, we had to make dinner for our group. The girls in our group decided to cook, while the boys made the fire. The 1st night we cooked chili. (We cooked over a fire) It was ok. After we ate and cleaned up, we went to the onsen. The onsens were our showers! An onsen is a hot springs bath, but you have to go in naked! There is one for the girls and boys. The water is really warm. Then after that you play night games. We told scary stories and played fun games. Then we had to get ready for bed. I put on 3 pairs of pants, 4shirts, 3 pairs of socks, and hat and gloves. It was freezing. After that lights were out.

2nd day- We woke up at 6:00am and got ready! I was so cold. For breakfast we had eggs, which were disgusting. I didn’t eat them. Then we had to make our lunches and head to our next activity. We had two the second day, rock climbing and the wall. Rock climbing was really fun. We walked for about a half hour to get to the sight. After that we started. There was difficult, more difficult and the most difficult. I eventually did all three, but it wasn’t easy. It was really fun though. After that we ate lunch and went to our next activity, the wall. This activity was probably the hardest. You had to get your team over a 12 foot wall. We did not get over. Every one but one person! We tried and tried and tried! We were really sad. L The next part in that activity was the spider web. It was a net with different size holes in it and you had to get your team through without touching the net. It was really hard. We made it through though. We were really happy! J Then after we relaxed for a little, then we made dinner. We had a Japanese dish. It actually was not that bad. Then we cleaned up and went to the onsen and played games. Then we went to bed.

3rd day- Our last day. We woke up and made breakfast. We had French toast. It wasn’t bad. We had one last activity and it was rafting. You had to build a raft and then use that raft to go through a course in the water. This was really fun. We ended up beating the recorded. After that we packed up and left.

Then when we came back to Tokyo, we had two day to do fun thing and tour the city!

 Catherine’s Story
On the week of October 25th ASIJ’s 8th grade went on their first off campus trip of the year to Lake Sai. At Lake Sai our challenge was to come out of our comfort zone and reach the Growth Zone. I think we all did. Lake Sai (Saiko 西湖,) is one of the five lakes around Mount Fuji. Lake Sai is a very small lake. When we arrived in Lake Sai it was bitterly cold. We had a short welcoming ceremony and then we were off on the first activity. The grade split up into many groups of 7 or 8 people. My (Catherine) group’s first activity was orienteering. Our group leaders were Mr.Butz, my math teacher, and Maechi an outward bound counselor. Orienteering was a team challenge. We had to collect number and letter combinations and meet back at a certain area in a certain time. My team ran everywhere for an hour and a half. We were given a map and a compass and that is it. We had to navigate around a Japanese forest. FUN!!!  It was tiring and extremely cold. My team won but the boys failed to collect all of the clues, and the girls did what they were assigned and more. This was my least favorite challenge. After we had finished our 1st challenge we came back to the camp site and we started making our dinner. We were planning to make Chili for dinner.  Tonight was the boy’s night to cook. We started preparing, and cut the onions, and started the fire. Our fire was very weak and one of my group members got hungry and decided that the chili was done. When we started eating we realized that our chili was cold and somewhat uncooked. The chili was so sickening, so we just ate the salad and the oranges.  Then we went to our night activities. The first one was the onsen. (A public hot bath with no bathing suits.) Even though not being dressed with other people was nerve racking, I was looking forward to defrosting myself. After the onsen we go back the campsite and into the gym and played games. It was fun. Then it was time to go to bed. We stayed in an unheated cabin. I was with three other girls. We were planning to stay up late and talk but we were all so tired we just fell asleep. I unfortunately fell asleep with wet hair and my pillow got wet. I was cold the whole night. The next night I was for sure sleeping in my hat. The next morning we woke up a 6:15!!!!!! At 6:15 in the morning it was freezing. We woke up started a fire and made eggs. My job was cracking the eggs. My hands were so numb it hurt to crack the eggs. My job was to crack 16 eggs and help make sandwiches. Our first challenge today was rock climbing. I was very excited for this activity. We hiked for 1hour to get up to the rocks. It was high tech climbing. We were actually climbing on the rocks and they were very steep. The counselors were the ones pulling our harnesses. I climbed up the hardest one and reached the top. I was very proud. I wanted to do all three but we ran out of time. So we hiked all back down.  We ate lunch and then we went straight off to our next challenge which was the wall and the spider web. We did the spider web.  It is web with different shapes. You had to get our team though it without touching any of the string. We failed at that.  The wall was 12 feet or more high. We had to get our team over in a certain time.  Believe it or not we did it. Don’t ask how because I don’t know.  Then we started to make our dinner. We were determined to make our dinner better. This night the girls were cooking yakisoba, a Japanese noodle dish. Very yummy. Our yakisoba was the best ever. It was so incredible that other groups who failed to cook ate ours.  So we did the same night activities and then we went to bed. That night I slept in 2 pairs of long leggings, 2 pairs of sweat pants ,3 pairs of socks, a tank top, 2 underarmors, and 2 sweatshirts, hat and gloves and I was still cold. OUR last challenge my group had to complete was rafting. That morning we woke up at 6:00 am because we had to pack. That morning was the worst. I had to change into a bathing suit!!!!!!!! For rafting we had build our own raft that 8 people could sit on and put it in the water and row through a course. We did it in 19:58!!! Our goal was 20:00!!!! My team was lucky because  we had 5 left handed people .The left side wasn’t a problem.  After that we finally could get out of the wetsuits. We packed up and then headed back to ASIJ. Lake Sai was a trip I will never forget!

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