Soba Noodle making and Fun web site

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Earlier in September ,Sarah and I went to a soba noodle making class.  A group of us went on a long train trip to a noodle shop.  The man was a very distinguished noodle maker . He was going to Russia the next day to teach there.  It was a very cool experience.  He first of all showed us how and then we made our own. Finally they cooked ours and we had lunch.  To begin with they grind the buckwheat.  Then they put the flour and small amounts of water at a time in a very large bowl that is suctioned down to the table.  We kneaded the dough until it was crumbly.  Eventually it got to a ball. Then we rolled it to a very large, very thin rectangle.  Now I have rolled my share of pie crusts and cookie dough but this was very different. It was hard to get just right.  Then it was folded into a small rectangle and we used a very large knife to carefully cut thin strips of noodles. Now this sounds easy but once again it is not. It was fun though to go through the process and then eat what you made. We had enough to take home too.  I will never take eating noodles for granted again.
I was just looking around for some information on the internet and I came across this person’s website. She had a pretty good section on her travel in Japan.  You may want to check it out. It gives more description to some of things we have done too.  On the left side is her personal info, click travel and then Japan.

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