Halloween 2008

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This Halloween actually fell on a Friday which meant more people and candy!  In our neighborhood and a couple of others where many Americans live, Halloween is HUGE!  Many Japanese actually bus in to come trick or treating in these areas. They learn how to say “Happy Halloween” and “Thank you” very well.  Our building sets up time from 5 – 5:30 and then we usually go out into Yoyogi Uehara.  This year we went into Hiroo/Minami Azabu.  In our building some of the Japanese participated as well as the front desk .  Arakawa-san decorated the front desk and put together little pumpkins filled with candy. I think he had fun seeing all the costumes.  When we went to the Ghelman’s house, the street was packed with kids. I could barely drive my car there.  They said last year they ran out of candy (about 5-6 bags) in one hour.  This year we had more candy and told kids to take only one.  I don’t think she ran out this year.  Sarah and her friends still have fun dressing up and hanging out together.  There are a lot of high schoolers still out there.  She was a jellyfish.  She wore white and then decorated a clear umbrella with tentacles.  Catherine and Emily went as each other. They were mirror images of each other and held an empty frame between them as a mirror.  Michael was Michael Phelps, 8 gold medals and all.  They were all pretty clever if you ask me. 

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