Mt Takao

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As a Fall outing some of the ladies in our building went to Mt. Takao.  It is about an hour and 15 minute drive.  The day was spectacular. The skies were blue and the temperature was a perfect “cool”.  We arrived about 10:00 and began our hike up the mountain.  The first part was pretty steep but doable. The colors of the trees were almost peak but not quite.  It was not too crowded either.  At the top there is a temple and more great views.  The view of Mt Fuji was great.  Many days you do not even know there are  mountains out there but we were blessed with  a very clear day. It was so nice to be around so many trees and fresh air!  For the way down we took the cable car ride down.  We got back in the car around 1:15 and headed off to our lunch. The restaurant is Ukai Yakatori (I have to check the name)  . It is set in beautiful gardens. There are many houses/rooms.  Each one has a table and private server. We had a room to ourselves. Then we walked around the grounds to see even more beauty.  It was almost overwhelming how nice evrything was that day.  On the way home the sun was setting with an orange sky. We could see Mt Fuji with the orange behind it.  If I was not driving I would have grabbed my camera but the passengers could not get theirs out quick enough.  We arrived home around 5:30.  It was a day I will cherish as a Tokyo memory.  Check out the album!

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