summer 2009

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It sure has been  a long time since I have added anything here. Sorry.  Time surely goes fast.  I remember back in June starting to write and then something came up and I never got back to summarizing the end of the school year.  In a nutshell, they had a great end of the year. Catherine and Emily had a super basketball season and “graduated ” from Middle school. Michael finished elementary and Sarah was in the HS play and ended her sophomore year with a chance to go to the prom.
We had visitors in March, April and May.  It was busy but fun to be able to be a tour guide. I am getting better with each visitor. So, keep coming!!!
We left for the states June 15th.  Getting 5 people, 10 pieces of luggage, a dog and a crate to the airport is  a challenge.  We sent Sarah and Michael on the bus.  It took a long time to check in MJ but after that we were on our way.  Lyndon was not able to go with us at first but he joined us later.  We flew through Chicago to ATlanta.  It is  a long trip but well worth it.  We stayed in ATlanta for a few weeks.  We visited with all the cousins and friends.  Sarah left a few days early and flew up to CT by herself.  Lyndon got in on Fri night June 29(?)  then we left the next night and drove over night to CT.  He was exhausted.   We met with the Strassners that night and started our culinary visits by  going to Little City Pizza and J Fosters on the first night.  We ate lots of our CT favorites while in CT for the month of July.  It was a whirlwind month with swim team, basketball camp, volleyball camp, Les Mis, Willy Wonka (Michael was Charlie), trip to FL for Catherine, Emily and Michael, Sarah’s trip to NYC, and friends, friends, friends.!!! The Arias Camisons had a great gathering on the fourth.  There was great food and even better company!  It is amazing how well all the kids get along even with so many ages and kids.  We were able to squeeze in a tubing trip down the Farmington with the Stolls, many lake visits with the Strassners, Winding trails with Magrinis and Shepards, a play at the Belding and many trips to Old Navy.  We won’t go into all the shopping! 
Lyndon went back on July 5th and was supposed to come back and join us for our beach vacation in NC Aug 1 – 8.  Unfortunately he was not able to come back in time.  So I drove to NC by myself and we had a fun visit in Corrolla NC in the Outer Banks.  The drive was not bad except for the fact that a 12 hour drive turned out to be 14. It took us 3 hours to go the last 30 miles!!! YUCK.  We were climbing the walls by the end of that.  Sandy and her family met us there the next day and stayed with  us.  The house was beautiful.  The first few days the water was freezing! It was 60 degrees even though the outside temp was in the 80’s.  Then it warmed up and it was much more pleasant.  The kids had a great time with cousins riding waves and playing in the sand.  The competitive sides came out in games of Shanghai Rummy, Scattegories , Flash Dash and Bananagrams.  We went back to Atlanta on Aug 8.  Lyndon flew in that day to Atlanta as well. He stayed until the 15th.  He and Sarah left on the 15th and we left on the 19th.  While in Atlanta we got to continue to see cousins and friends. DAd took us out on his boat. We went to the World of Coke and ran into a family from ASIJ.  We went to  a Braves game and got to meet Kawakami, the braves pitcher from Japan.  
When we had to leave  it was sad but I think we were ready to be back in our own home and not be living out of a suitcase. 

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