Fall 2009

The first quarter of school has flown by.  Football season was unusually successful for ASIJ. They were league champs for the first  time since the 1980’s. That made cheering so much more fun for Sarah.   Catherine and Emily played on the JVB volleyball team. Most other schools did not have a JVB team so they played their jv teams.  They were so close to winning each game. Usually the score was 25-23 or that close.  They even played a boys team.  It was frustrating because they were always within reach. Finally on the last game of the season they won!! They were so excited.  Michael’s 6th grade soccer team was kind of in the same situation. Most schools could barely field an 8th and 7th grade team so they ended up playing mostly older teams.  On their last game they played a team of 6-9 th graders. They were all SO TALL and BIG!!! Our ASIJ team is small but really skilled. At halftime we were winning 3-2.  We ended up losing 4-3 but these kids (and their coach) were really proud of themsleves for doing as well as they did.  I have been subbing a lot at school. I enjoy that.  A group of us are taking bridge lessons at TAC.  Any pointers?????  Lyndon is working very hard as usual.  He recently went to Paris for a  week . I wanted to go but the logistics were too crazy.  We will be home (Atlanta) for Christmas and then CT for a bit at New Year’s.  Hope the next season slows down a bit (in my dreams).

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