January already!!!

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I thought after I wrote in the fall that I would be so much better…..hah.  Here it is January already. Time flies.  Well I’ll update you on  our life in Japan since I last wrote, when was that??? ( Nov.10)   My dad had plans to come visit us for Thanksgiving.  He found out he had a skin cancer on his head that needed to be removed. We were anxious about  whether or not he would be able to still come. Fortunately he had the surgery and was still able to come.  He arrived November 24.  On Wed night Michael started coughing and running a fever. Thursday, his birthday and Thanksgiving, we took him to the doctor where he tested positive for Type A influenza. They said we caught it early and put him on Tamiflu.  We isolated him to his room. What a way to spend your 11th birthday.  He was a trooper though and watched many movies.  He never ran a  fever again so I guess we did get it early enough.
 Friday morning we had to catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto at 7:00.  Up early and off and running. We spent three days in Kyoto (I’ll post that one in a separate entry).  It was great. I think Dad thought I was trying to kill him with walking places.  Japan is not a hop in  your car and go door to door type of place.  We made it through though. It was a beautiful time of year to be there.  We got back Sunday night.  Monday night Lyndon got  a  call from his mother that his dad had unexpectantly died. It was a shock to us all. Lyndon left the next morning. I spent the next day getting emergency visas to India in one day.  We could not book flights unless we were able to get them. We did.  We left Wednesday for India and Dad cut his trip short and went home.  It was sad that he had to leave early. We arrived in India late Wed night. The funeral was Thursday .  We had to catch a flight back on Sat morning (12:05, really Fri night) .  Lyndon came back Monday night. 
The girls had exams coming up so there was a lot of catch up work and studying.  With exams, basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, concerts etc.. the next few weeks flew by. Before you knew it ,it was Christmas. We spent Christmas day together and then the kids and I flew to Atlanta.  No major problems except that they lost Michael’s suitcase. Thank goodness it arrived the next day.We spent the week in ATlanta. It was great because it was the first time in  a long time that we were all together- 37 of us . We had a group picture taken.  Pretty cool in my opinion!!!
On New Year’s Eve we flew to CT to visit friends. We arrived to snow and cold weather! We spent New Year’s eve with our old neighbors, the Strassners.  We have done that many years now.  Over the next few days we shopped, ate, and caught up with everyone.  Good times were had by all!!!  Lyndon left on Wed ,Jan 6 to go to LA. He was going to the ALABAMA vs TEXAS football game.   We left Thursday to come back to Tokyo, hoping for game updates along the way.  We were excited to hear upon landing that ALABAMA had won the National Championship.!  I think Lyndon was even more excited, well I know so.  He returned Saturday.  Sunday morning Emily got sick, I was losing my voice and coughing …back to reality. They started school on Monday but Emily and Michael were sick and got an extra day of vacation.   And now here we are in the midst of school schedules, work, and general business.  Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to blog at least once a month.  I will try. Gambatte.

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