You know you live overseas or went to an International School when……

Excerpts from a list on FACEBOOK   
1. You can only call home between 10 pm and 8 am.
2. You think of a Visa as a stamp in your passport and not a plastic card.
3. You speak with authority on the quality of airline travel.
4. School trips means going to another country.
5. You think everyone else is a foreigner in a country foreign to you.
6. When you have little or no contact with the locals but you are best friends with people across the globe.
7.  When you greet someone you start bowing or kissing them on both cheeks.
8. You automatically take off your shoes as soon as you get home.
9. When your friends take you to an ‘ethnic’ restaurant as a joke and you can read the menu, order food for them and actually stomach the meal.
10. You realize that it truly is a small world after all.
11. Once you get home you miss your adopted home and visa versa.
12. You’re spoiled, you’re very spoiled, you KNOW you are spoiled.

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