February in Tokyo

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It has been a busy month and it is only halfway over.  Michael finished his first wrestling season . It may not have been successful by the numbers but he improved sooo much and really got  a lot stronger.  JVB basketball for Catherine and Emily was a challenging season but they love to play basketball so it was worth it.  I could write a novel about the season and coaching but this is not the place.  Sarah, cheering for the boys varsity basketball, was kept very busy. The cheerleaders also compete in a  competition and both JV and Varsity won their sections. All three girls are off to THailand this week with Abot Kamay. It is a service group at school that raises money for an orphanage there. Then  they go there and work for the week. They are helping to build a school and play with the kids.  Michael has been getting a lot (too much) attention being the only one home this week.Next weekend Lyndon and I are going skiing for the weekend. This should be interesting! The girls have their band solo and ensemble festival next weekend too.. The Jazz concert is next week as well as speech contest rehearsals.  Oh yea, there is this thing called schoolwork too!  February will be over before you know it!! 

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