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For Spring Break (March 20 – 28) we went to Thailand.  Lyndon and Michael left on Friday to go to the Manchester vs Liverpool game (See above).  The girls and I left on Saturday to go to Bangkok. It was an evening flight but we got to the airport really early and had lots of time to kill.  We played cards in the lounge. Yes I won in a come from behind game of  Shanghi  Rummy.    Our flight arrived in Bangkok at 11:30 pm. By the time we got our bags, a taxi and checked in it was about 1:30 in the morning (3:30 to us).  The next morning we went to church. We took a taxi even though they said it would only be about a 15 minute walk.  It was so hot.  The girls wore sun dresses which were very appropriate but were told they had to cover their shoulders.  They provided scarves but the girls were mortified.  It was a beautiful church (Assumption).  We came back to the hotel to change and then headed out for shopping at the weekend market.  We took a taxi and then sky train.  It was crowded and hot at the market but that did not deter us.  We shopped and bargained for a couple of hours.  Sarah’s bag got slashed. They say that people will cut bags to hopefully have contents fall out and then they steal, but she did not have much in there and nothing came out.  The shop keepers were not in to bargaining much but we tried.  We got some bargains but not as good as in Vietnam.  We returned home in the afternoon for a swim to cool off.  Then we went to dinner next door and had foot massages after dinner.  RELAXING!!!  On Monday morning we got up and had croissants and smoothies before getting on the water taxi.  The water taxi was so crowded and hot. Sarah did not enjoy it at all! We went to the Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace.  It was very pretty. The Emerald Buddha is really jade.  Then we went to the Recling Buddha. It was huge!!! I think this was our favorite. Then we took a water taxi across the river to another temple. This one had lots of steps to go up but beautiful views.  When we had to get on the water taxi to go home it was even more packed.  It was like a scene where a ferry is so overloaded that it sinks.  YUCK!!  We headed back towards home but had a few more shopping stops for a nativity scene and some silver jewelry.  Finally we stopped for a relaxing lunch.  We had great food in Bangkok!  We came home, packed up and headed to the airport.  Our flight in the evening was for Ko Samui. Lyndon and Michael were meeting us at the airport.  It was an uneventful flight to Ko Samui and we were soon in our beautiful villa.  Michael of course wanted to go for a night swim as soon as we arrived.  For a good view of our villa go to their site  For the next few days, we relaxed and had fun in the sun.  We did go on a few expeditions.  We rented a driver one day and went to the Big Buddha and other sights. He took us to Chawend which was a beautiful beach but much more crowded.  The girls and Lyndon rented jet skis. Then we went to an area where there was a waterfall. It was a little low but fun and refreshing nonetheless.  We were able to ge massages in Ko Samui too.  I think we could have done that everyday if we wanted to .  On our last day it was rainy but we still went to the canopy tour and zip lined through the trees. It was really fun.  The girls will have to tell you about the 6 inch long scorpion.  We headed back on Sat night nad landed in Tokyo to really cold weather.In other words –   Back to reality .  I hope the kids and Lyndon will add to this and give details. I wanted to get the basics down before I forgot.

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