Tokyo Disney

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On Thursday May 13 we let the kids skip school and go with Nana to Tokyo Disney.  She said she wanted to go (she had not been since the early 80’s) so we thought  we might as well let the kids enjoy the day with her too.  We got up early and left about 8:00.  We got there about 9:15 (long story – another blog).  There were no lines to get in at all!! It was a beautiful day and we were ready to go. We had the wheelchair and did not know how going on rides was going to be but were ready to try.  At  Disney they give you a blue card if you have a handicap.  You give it to the ride attendant and they either take you then or tell you when to come back. They then take you on to the ride in the least amount of waiting and no stairs.  The hard part is actually getting on the ride.  We started with A Small World.  It took the three of us to get Nana in to the boat. Stepping down and turning around and sitting is all very complicated but she did it!  It is a classic so we thought it was a good starting point.  Next  everyone but Nana and I did the teacups (twice!!!) .  I can hardly even watch them. Then the kids did the carousel while we went to Peter Pan’s ride. The hard part here is that it is a moving sidewalk. They cannot slow down or stop this one.  It was tough but once again she did it.  We followed up with The Haunted House, Buzz Lightyear, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribean, Tiki Room, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and the Riverboat.  10 rides in all!!!  We also went on the cars, Thunder mountain and splash mountain but those were not ones she could do.  We were also able to see the Electric Parade.  I think that was her favorite part even though Michael thought the best part was being with him.  We had a great day and  created a lot of special memories.

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