Mary and I went to Lanai,Hawaii for our twentieth year anniversary.We had talked about doing this then won round trip tickets to Hawaii in a  raffle at school. (We won’t comment on China Air.  They were free tickets!!!) We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and have not been back since. Lanai is a spectacular island. It is a small island close to Maui. Only 3,000 people stay on the entire island. There are only two hotels on the island. We stayed at the Four Seasons at Manele Bay (This is where Bill Gates got married and  was staying there – in one of the  houses – while we were  there).  On our short time there we were able to see a lot of the beauty of the island. To get to most places you have to rent  a four wheel drive car. So, one day we did and drove all over the island. It was beautiful and very quiet.  Some places we felt like we were the only people on the island. The one beach which took about an hour and half to drive to (because it was all off road) was one of the prettiest places I have seen. White sandy beach with no one around.  The ridge drive was eery in  a way too because you would be driving along the ridge of the terrain and look around and all that was there was you and nature.  We spent lots of quality time just being together,hiking, reading, hanging out in the sun (or Lyndon under an umbrella in the shade), and playing pool (Lyndon made me).  The food at the hotel was great. We even got their recipe for banana cobbler (YUM).  We spent a few days in Wakiki too. The strange thing there was that we felt like we were back in Japan. I think there were more Japanese than Americans there. Signs were in Japanese, people spoke Japanese, the restaraunts had menus in Japanese.  It was a quick vacation but well worth it. 

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