Jamaica 2010

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Jamaica 2010!

After all the planning, getting prayer partners, donations and making music cd’s the day had finally arrived. We flew from CT to Atlanta on Fri night. Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed to the Atlanta airport where we were to finally meet the other missionaries.   I have to say we looked very sytlin’  , 15 missionaries aged 13 to 60 in bright neon green t shirts.  We boarded the plane to Montego Bay Jamaica. After  a minor problem at customs we arrived at Blessed Assurance!  Blessed Assurance is  the home for children with disabilities that we were going to stay at and help with. The children there had anything from autism to cerebral palsy.

Meeting all of the kids was an experience.  We visited the girls’ dorms and they were cute and sweet. We moved on to the boys dorms, which was like a zoo. The boys that could move were climbing everywhere. They were jumping from crib to crib. A couple of us got bitten by them. It wasn’t pleasant. That night we learned a lot about each other (One person wants to be the first person on Mars, one was American Indian, and2 of us have been to 15 countries!).  We started building bonds that would grow stronger throughout the week.  The next day was Sunday .We all woke up around 5am and got ready for church. Let’s just say we all truly missed our air conditioned churches back home. When we got back we helped bathe the children and helped feed them.  This opened our eyes to how much we take for granted.  We all joined together again for a typical meal of curry and rice! The Jamaicans love their rice!   The next day was work day. Kevin, our guide in Jamaica, told us that our project would be digging an irrigation ditch for the site, and building a rock wall to protect from floods.  We started with the ditch. Kevin gave us some tools that were let’s just say, not in mint condition. We finished the ditch on the first day and started on the rock wall. We soon realized this would become our ongoing project. We decided to make an assembly line that would carry the rocks up the hill. These were not little rocks, they were BIG AND HEAVY. We continued to build each day. I won’t elaborate but let’s just say that 14 out of the 15 of us had stomachs that did not agree with the water there.  Things were a little unsettled to say the least.  On Wednesday we took a field trip to a different Mustard Seed house to help paint some houses. We met another missionary group from Pittsburgh there.  On Thursday we took a break from our work and went to the beach. The beach was beautiful. The water was so clear. The beach had a water trampoline and an inflatable Saturn that you could climb on. That day was very relaxing!  All the other time we spent working on the wall or playing with the kids.  Seeing all of the children’s faces light up when you would play with them or pay attention to them made the whole trip worthwhile.

                During the trip we didn’t only work but we became closer to God. Each night after dinner we would have community time. This was a time that we as a group and individuals we would talk about the day and God.  We would gather in the chapel and reflect on why we were there. One missionary said she had never felt closer to God than when she was there.  I think that says a lot!!

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us, donated, and wrote letters. You made our trip more enjoyable.  We prayed for all of you every night too.




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