Summer 2010

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We just got back from a very busy summer.  We left for Atlanta on June 12.  The three girls went by themselves on Delta and Michael and I flew United with MJ (they are the only ones who take dogs in the summer).  To make a long story short, United changed our flight in Chicago and the only way I found out about it was while I was walking MJ in Chicago I called Lyndon. He assumed I knew and was already on the next flight. I rushed back inside to find out, yes they had changed the flight and I did not have long to get there. I had to make sure they rebooked MJ too. They told me they may not be able to take MJ on the flight.  Thank goodness they could and she did get on the flight. Unfortunately our luggage did not!   What a way to start.
We spent a few weeks in Atlanta. Catherine and Emily did a volleyball camp and Michael did a robotics camp that first week.  We saw  lots of family  and friends. We did lots of shopping. Sarah flew to CT on the 22nd.  She had a Vocal camp to start before we got there.  Thank goodness for our friends the Strassners and Arias Camisons.  They took her in and drove her around for a few days for us.  We left on Saturday and drove 17 HOURS!!  Catherine and Emily were very good front seat  navigators that kept me  awake and entertained. 
Sarah’s camp ended with a wonderful perfomance.  She then worked at a camp, helped out with the Junior musical and saw colleges (10  in all).  Michael did two plays, Cinderella and Bye Bye Birdie.  He did a great job with both.  Here are two videos of him in Bye Bye Birdie.  Catherine and Emily did their Basketball camp again too.  Lyndon was able to come to CT for  a  week. He had to spend some of the time in NY.  It was good though because he was able to take Sarah to see three colleges (Columbia, Skidmore and Wesleyan).  We had a great cookout at the Sawicki’s with lots of our friends.  We spent a  lot of time watching World Cup soccer (Yea Spain!!!) , the Bachelorette, and the Food Network.  Days were filled with friends, college trips (Dartmouth, Vassar, BC), the lake and more friends.  The Stolls had a great cookout before we left too.  It is like we never left. Hope it stays that way!!!
Catherine and Emily went to Atlanta on Friday July 23. They were going on their Mission trip to Jamaica the next day.  We left on Sunday after the last play and drove to Philadelphia.  Never trust your GPS. It looped us through some very shady parts of the Bronx to avoid traffic.  I guess we had MJ as our protector.  On Monday we saw Villanova then drove to DC.  We got to visit our good friends Holly and George and their family that night.  They were great and took us in for a quick DC tour so that the next day we would know where we were going. They both went to Georgetown.  The next day we went to Georgetown and American. That night we had dinner with Delna, Neisha and Darien. It was great to see  them after such a long time. The kids did not seem to miss a beat. Wednesday we got up early and drove to Duke ( we had to be there by 9). After Duke we drove to ATlanta. Whew, that was a lot of driving!!!
The girls got back on Saturday from their trip.  They had a little bit of an upset stomach but were functioning. They had a great time (see their entry).  The week flew by and Lyndon came in on Wed.  We went to NC on Saturday for a week’s vacation in Emerald Isle.
To make another very long story short….  Emily woke up Friday with a 104.4 fever. Took her in but no strep.  We left on Sat morning anyway(her fever was down… so we thought)  I got   a stomach bug and fever so was sick all the way to NC.  Emily’s fever came back by the time we arrived.  Emily and I went directly to bed at the house.  She continued with a fever, throwing up and rash.  I got better .  Meanwhile Catherine’s arm was swelling (we thought it was a reaction to the Chicken pox vaccine).  Emily continued with the fever and rash.  On Monday we finally got an appointment at a walk in clinic.  They looked at her and sent us immediately to the Emergency room (think small beach town hospital ER…).  She was starting to have difficulty swallowing.  It ended up being a reaction to the Bactrim that she was taking for the bacteria they picked up in Jamaica.  They said Catherine’s arm was probably that too and not from the vaccine.  They gave Emily steroids and  other meds and said stop with the bactrim. The next day Catherine’s arm was back to normal. It took a few days for Emily to fully recover. She was  a mess. It was a crazy vacation but we were lucky to have that time together.
We drove back to ATlanta on Saturday in time to get to the lake for Joan Tobia’s big birthday bash (I amnot telling her age to the public). Another great group of friends to see and hang out with.  Lyndon left early on Sunday (he had to go to London)and we left on Tuesday.  Everyone was finally back home together by Thursday. We were very happy to be back safely in our own beds!!!
It is great that we can take this time every summer to see our family and friends. It never seems like enough time to see and do everything we would like to do . Just know we value all our time we spend with each and every one we do get to see.
Oh yeah, MJ had to get in on the action too. She had dental surgery the day before we left for the beach. Never a dull moment!!!

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