Sumo Wrestling

We decided to  finally get to a Sumo tournament. It was one of those things on our Japan Bucket List.  There are a few tournaments a year and so we were able to get tickets for the Sept. matches.  We were at the finals. During the week we were keeping up with the winners.  On Sunday we got there mid day. There are always a lot of  matches throughout the day so mid day is enough.  We bought tickets on the upper levels but you can also have seats on  the lower decks.  There you sit on the floor. Upper decks you actually have a seat. 

When you watch  sumo there is  a lot of ceremony. There is  a lot of hurry up and wait.  They throw salt, bow, slap themselves and do it again. Finally when they are ready to wrestle it may only last about 1 minute (if that) . These guys are huge but strong.  When they actually wrestle and if the match lasts more than  a minute, you really see how hard they are working. 

The expected winner did win in the end and the prince presented the trophy. I am glad we did it so we can  check it off that list.


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