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Lyndon and I decided to take Sarah to Hiroshima for the weekend. Catherine and Emily went in 7th grade with school and Michael will go this year.  We wanted to go and not leave Sarah out.  We left early Saturday morning Oct 2 and took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. It is  a couple   hour ride.  The shinkansen is really a great way to travel. It is smooth and fast and easy.  You can eat , use your computer, sleep, etc.. We got to our hotel and dropped off our stuff. We then headed over to the Atomic bomb dome area and Peace park.  When we got to the dome there was a Japanese women who was working on her English and wanted to go through some history for us.  It was really good to hear some of the history and info. It is amazing how they just present the facts and don’t really attack the Americans. It is more  like it happened, let’s rebuild and move on.  The Peace Park is an area that has several monuments . The one is in honor of Sadoko, a young girl who dies of complications due to the bombing. The legend is that if you make 1000 paper cranes your wish will come true. She tried to make 1000 to live. People make 1000 cranes and bring them there.  At ASIJ they always make 1000 and bring them for their trip.  Then we went to the Peace Museum. It too was very interesting and just presents what happened.  I never felt that they were attacking the Americans for bombing them.  They really concentrate on never letting it happen again. We headed back to our hotel, checked in, changed and headed back out. We walked to the castle (it was OK) and then to church .  The Cathedral was rebuilt by a priest who had survived the  bombing.  The mass was in Japanese so we thought we could just follow along. The priest was Phillipino and could speak English.  It was just in the side chapel so only about 20 or so people there. After he gave his sermon in Japanese, he turned to us and gave a sermon in English.  It was cool. Then we went to  an Oyster restaurant.  They are famous for oysters here.  It was really good. 

The next morning we took the train to Meyajima Island and then the ferry. The famous Tori gate that is in the water is  there.  It was low tide so it was just in muck. I was not impressed but I know if conditions are right it is great. On the island there are a lot of deer roaming free. They are friendly so many people feed them. We did not but they do follow you around.  We headed back to the hotel to get our stuff and back onto the Shinkansen.  We left the kids at home by themselves so I was doing a lot of checking in by phone.  We got back to Tokyo around 6 at night and ended a great weekend.


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