Mikan Picking and Wagashi Making

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On Wednesday (11/17) I went on a tour with the Women’s Group at TAC. We took a bus to Hakone  It was a little rainy so we debated whether to go to the mikan farm or not but in the end we said a little rain would not hurt us.  Our first stop was at the top of Mt. Taikan to view Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi. It was cloudy so no Mt Fuji . It was really cold at the top of the mountain.At the rest stop (Quite the biker shop) I bought some gloves (Yellow smiley faces) and scarf in case it was going to be that cold all day.  Thank goodness it was not. We then stopped at the Fudodaki Waterfall in Yugawara. It was very quaint.  Next it was off to the  mikan farm. The mikans grew on trees and the trees were on terraces .  We could eat any that we wanted as we picked (yes we ate a lot) and then fill the bag. I guess you could say we taste tested as we picked.  

Our lunch was at a soba and tempura place.   The chef was very concerned about quality so would only serve 5 at a time.   It was very good, as was the company of the other women.  Next we walked to the sweets shop to make some Japanese sweets, wagashi. They use a sweetened bean paste which is almost like marzipan (or play dough)  The “chef” who taught us was a 90 year old man who was an expert and award winning sweets maker. His works are encased in the shop. They are amazing!!!! He was so cute. He did not speak any English. Thank goodness Kazuko, one of the women who organized the trip, was Japanese and translated for us.  He picked up on  the phrase, “good job”.   

Our next stop was a Manyo Park, Doppo-no-yu Foot Spa.  It was an outdoor foot spa.  There were about 10 different spots to put your feet in. Each was supposed to be helpful for a different area of your body. One was for ears, eyes, kidneys, liver etc..  One of the spas was 47 degrees Celsius. That is HOT!! You could barely put your feet in.    I loved it though . It was all quite relaxing.

Then we headed back  home. On the way out you could see the outline of Mt Fuji. It was a great day .


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  1. Suzanne Hard
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 07:28:45

    Great pictures, Mary. Sounds like a fun day.


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