Hong Kong-Thanksgiving 2010

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We are still working on our Tokyo Bucket list so the next stop was Hong Kong.  We had a quick long weekend so we decided to make a trip to HK.  We left early on Thursday morning and arrived in HK around 12:00. By the time we got through customs and got train tickets and on the bus to the hotel it was around 3 by the time we got to the Hotel.  After settling in and getting tea at the hotel we decided to head out for the sights.  We took the Star Ferry over to Kowloon. We tried to find the night market and ladies market but ended up  mostly walking and shopping all over.  It is so crowded and different than Tokyo.  Lots of lights and colors and people selling everything.  We walked a lot  and were very tired.  We found a restaurant and had “Chinese” food. I know that’s really just food for them but we still call it that.  The next morning we celebrated Michael’s birthday at breakfast. He was not expecting anything but his sisters had chipped in and got him an I pod Nano. He was very excited.  Then we went took the Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak. It has incredible views from  the top .  We took a long walk around the top and had a great time being out doors in such a beautiful setting. Afterwards the boys went back and the girls  headed out for market shopping. We were going to find the right markets this time.  The guys went back for a while and then went to the Science Museum. They will have to fill this one in.  We shopped. The girls are really good bargainers. I am not.  Emily is the best. She got a purse that started off at 450 HKD and got it for 100HKD.  When one man would not budge on the price they would not either.  Hmm where did they get shopping expertise???  We met up with Lyndon and Michael at the Avenue of the Stars and walked through that area  Then we had to find dinner before the light show. That was the tough part but we did it. We got to a viewing area right at 8 when it started. They light up the buildings on both sides of the water and then have laser lights coordinated to music.  It was pretty cool.  Then we took the ferry back home.  The next day we were heading off to Stanley and Repulse Bay.  It was bus for this one.  Stanley is a big market area but really good. We did a lot of shopping for Christmas presents. Lyndon fell in love with a painting and we actually bought two.  We had a casual lunch at the water side. While walking around we heard”Michael Oliver”. Ms Studwell was there (Michael’s 4th grade teacher). They also saw some other people from ASIJ.  Then we went to Repulse Bay. It is a very pretty beach area.  We had a man take our picture. He was wearing an Auburn hat.   That night we went to a Indian/Italian Restaurant. It was very good.  In the morning we went to church. It was very crowded.  Strangely it was about 90% single Phillipino women.  After church we went to the City Hall where there is  a very good Dim Sum restaurant.  They bring it around in carts and you pick what you want.  Finally we were heading back home to the hotel and getting ready to pack up.  We took the shuttle to the train station and were able to check in there and then take the train to the airport. Pretty convenient.  It was a quick trip. I think if we had at least one more day it would have been better but it was fun none the less.


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