Culture and concerts

I feel we have been very cultured lately. On Friday Sarah was in the Kanto Plains Honor Choir. Their concert at Sacred Heart Chapel in Hiroo was amazing. It was three hours of choirs and the honor choir. Very well worth it! They had a Russian guest conductor.She loved the fact that everyone there was really excited about singing.

On Saturday we saw Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolor Dreamcoat. Michael is in the children’s choir for this Broadway touring company production at the Tokyo International Forum. He has been rehearsing everyday for the past 3 – 4 weeks. The show runs March 3 – 14. We went to the 1:00 show. It is a super fun show. There is alot of energy and dancing. The only problem is that in Japan, the audience is very docile (I think that is a good word for it)Lyndon and I were the only two in the ENTIRE audience to stand at the end. Those crazy Ameicans!!!Afterwards we trained over to the Tokyo DOme and saw the Eagles in concert.

The dome is not a great venue in my opinion for a concert but it is what it is. They were really good. They played all their hits and some new ones. They probably are all about 50-60 but still sound great. They can really harmonize! They all played several different instruments and guitars. I kept thinking Michael would love the guitar playing. Anyway a definite difference in culture at a concert in Japan. They all sit very properly for 3/4 of the concert. Finally at the end they got up and more in to it. They do sell beer but they also have other drinks they sell. Imagine the audience already is probably averaging 40 years old. They have these girls selling drinks from a cooler. They are basically juice boxes of grape and apple juice and tea. So imagine a 50 year old man sitting at an Eagles concert in Japan drinking grape juice from a juice box. Something you don’t see too often.

Anyway, next week the girls have their choir concert at school on Thursday, on Friday we will all see the show and then on Sunday we will go hear New York Voices in concert. They are a jazz quartet that the Vocal Jazz Choir at school uses a lot of their songs. It will be a great time. They may be coming out to ASIJ to work with the choir kids too. If so I am going to be their driver.The girls said I would have to be sure I have good music playing in the car. I’ll let you know….


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