Well by now everyone has heard about the massive earthquake in Japan. It was March 11, 2011 at 2:46. We are all fine just stressed. I was just going in to OK Supermarket. I had gone down the escalator and pulled out my basket. People stopped and were looking around. I thought what is going on? Then all of the sudden everything was shaking. The signs were swaying, I could hear things falling off the shelves, crashing and produce was falling. They were yelling for people to leave by the stairs. We all just walked up the stairs and out of the building. It was hard to stand . People were crying and scared. Since I NEVER feel the earthquakes, I thought ,”Hmm the Japanese are scared this must be big!!” It went on and on and on (easily a couple of minutes) The wires were swaying and I had to lean on the wall to be stable. I could not call anyone so I just left and went home. Let me back up a minute and tell you it took me about 5 minutes to get into my parking spot so I was really bummed that I was going home with no groceries ( and I was out of Coke zero!!!) When I got home everyone was in the lobby. I went up where Sarah (who was home sick ) and Leah (our cleaning help) were in the apt with MJ. They said they were so scared!! Michael’s lamp fell over but that was the only thing that broke. We quickly had a small aftershock. I decided to go down and talk to some of the people downstairs. While I was down there we had another big aftershock (7.4). They were telling everyone to get out so I ran up and got Sarah, Leah and MJ out. By the time we got down it was still going. We were all outside for a while before they said it was ok to go in. We kept having aftershocks every few minutes. All phone lines were not working but the internet did. The other kids were at school and Lyndon was at work. ASIJ sent an email that everyone was OK. We did get an email from Lyndon that he was OK too. He was on the 30th floor of his building. He said it was hard to stand up. They had to go down 30 flights of stairs to leave and then back up when it was ok to go back in. I guess it is another motivator to stay in shape. To make a long story short and everyone will blog their experiences it took the kids 7 hours to get home and Lyndon 9 hours.


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