March Madness: Part Two

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We arrived in Langkawi Malaysia on Saturday around noon. We took a taxi to the hotel. We had to wait a long time to be able to check in so we were sitting in the lobby a long time. Finally they had one room ready. We took that and went on to change and go to the pool. We hung out a while then finally got our second room. It was very hot but it felt nice. We had decided we were going to meet up with the Degraws for dinner so went to the Harbor Park and walked around and found an excellent restaurant. It was either Blue Mer or Mer Blue. Either way it was great. The kids had a great time having other kids with them.
On Sunday the front desk basically laughed at me when I asked if there were any churches on the island. Jim had even used his mass app to look it up. No such luck on a very Muslim island. We went ahead and booked a mangrove boat tour. It was educational and fun. High on the kid factor. We explored bat caves, saw vipers, wild dogs, eagles, mangroves, went swimming in the Andaman Sea( Part was in Thailand, part was in Malaysia), planted Mangrove seeds, fed stingrays, and had an overall great time. That night we went to an Indian and Arab restaurant in the Pantai Cenang beach area. Lyndon got a massage and the girls got foot masages. Lyndon was bruised all over his back the guy rubbed so hard.

On Monday we had decided to go to the cable cars with the Degraws and Steinlaufs. At first we were going to leave at 8:30 then realized it did not open until 10 so left at 9:30. Just about as soon as we got there it started to pour down rain!!! We were determined and waited it out. For awhile it was raining too hard to even try to get back to the taxis. We had tea and coffee, we shopped, we had lunch. Finally the sun came out and around 1:00 .We had the kids do segway tours. They rode segways around the “village”. It was fun just to watch them .
All our patience paid off and we finally got to ride the cable cars up the “Mountain”. I am glad we did. It was beautiful. There was a “hanging” bridge that had amazing views too. After a full day we were hot so decided to head to the Degraws hotel, the Andaman, and go swimming there. The boys loved the water slide. The girls played a little beach soccer. We had an enjoyable dinner on the beach at their hotel. It was always fun hanging out with everyone. There were 5 girls, 5 boys and 5 adults.

On Tues Lyndon had to catch a flight back to Japan. He left around 12:30. So we were just hanging at the pool and beach. As soon as he left it started raining again. It rained all afternoon and evening!!! We played lots of cards. They taught us Nertz. We were very loud under the gazebo playing games.Later that night we went to the Harbor Park again but ate at Tapaz.It too was very good.
We had thought about booking a snorkelling tour for the next day but rain was predicted again. So we hung out again, got rained on again and played cards again!! The Degraws came over to our hotel, the Sheraton and we had dinner at the Spice Trader restaurant. It was Asian themed and very good.While we were all together we booked snorkelling for the next day. We were keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.
We were up bright and early for our snorkelling trip. It was sunnay and the weather looked promising. We got on the boat around 9:45 and took about 45 minutes to get to Pulao Payar Marine Reserve. We docked on a platform that was over the coral reefs. It was beautiful. We snorkelled for about an hour and half.It was so clear. There were fich all around you. There were blue corals, rainbow fish, clown fish, tiger fish,etc… After lunch we went on a nother smaller boat to the beach area where you could swim with little baby sharks. There were people throwing food in and all the fish would come for it. Sarah did not like that. It was super fun!! As “official” photgrapher, it was cool to look down on the fish and see where all the sharks were around the kids. Valerie had her underwater camera so I can’t wait to see her pictures too. As we headed back to the marina,the Degraws and we chose to take the bus back to the Pantai Cenang beach rather than back home. We walked along the beach and ended up having dinner at a German place but with some super fish. Then it was more foot massages and pedicures. Somehow I kept missing out on these but I like knowing the kids are having a good time too. Another long and late day!!
On Friday we were going to have to leave for SIngapore so we hung out at the hotel again. At lunch Catherine was not feeling well and ended up getting sick. This was not going to be fun!! We flew to Singapore Friday night and arrived there late. AT the hotel we crashed and just were happy to be in a nice hotel with adjoining rooms.
On Saturday, Catherine and Michael stayed at the hotel. Sarah, Emily and I shopped. It was our day for free things. Three pearls, two bags, 10% discount, 20.00 off at Forever 21. It made me feel good. I know we spent a lot too but….That night we went to the Night Safari at the zoo. Catherine did not feel like going so she stayed home and slept. It was very interesting. You took a tram ride around the park and saw the animals in the nighttime. They seemed to be very unfenced but I am sure there was something there. One animal was laying in the road. They also had a fun Creatures of the Night Animal Show. Cate did not like the snake at all!!! Emiy loved the owl, of course.

Afterwards we had a flight back to Tokyo at 3:00 am. It was a long day and we were tired. Finally we arrived in Tokyo on Sunday and got home around noon.

Lyndon was still in Nagasaki but did come home Tues night. The kids had bus meetings at school on MOnday and then school started on Tues. There were about 50% of the students there in the MS and about 75 % at the HS. We will see how the trend goes in the next few days. Let’s all hope that March will soon calm down and April will be relaxing (in my dreams!!!!)


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