Back in the US

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It has been a very busy month and a half. I can’t believe next week is August 1. We got back to CT on June 14. No major obstacles which was nice. We settled back in our home away from home (The Residence Inn in Avon) and the girls started drivers ed the next day. We had lots of shopping to do and things to organize. MJ was shipped so she came the next day. We looked at cars and reconnected with friends. Lyndon had to get down to NY so he went on Sunday to settle into his temporary apartment. He was off to Greece that week. The girls contiued with their drivers ed and Michael started The Wiz. Sarah went to Avon’s graduation and got to see her very special friends graduate!! We had our closing July 1 so could move in that day!!Yea!! Our air shipment came on Friday as well. It was mostly clothes, some dishes and kitchen ware, and a set of towels and sheets for each of us. I borrowed air mattresses from a couple of friends so that we were at least not on the floor. Thank goodness the previous owners left us their patio furniture so we at least had something to eat on. I have attached pictures of how empty is was that first week.On Saturday they delivered our new washer and dryer. For my friends in La Tour you can appreciate how happy that made me.
For the 4th of July we went down to NY and watched the fireworks on the river and stayed with Lyndon. We spent the day at the Met and walking in Central Park. We had to leave really early the next morning so Sarah could get to work by 8:20, Michael to camp at 9:00 and the girls to drivers ed at 10:00. Those first few weeks were constantly shuttling people around.
The next weekend we got our storage delivery. This was the items we put in storage 4 years ago. Oh how you forget how ugly some things really are. As I was pulling out yellowed lamp shades and faded pillows I was wishing I had listened to those who said rent a dumpster!!!!At least we had furniture to sit on now and a kitchen table. One bed was in storage so Lyndon and I got that but the kids still have air mattresses.Lyndon really needed to cut the grass and our old push mower was really not in the best shape so he borrowed a neighbor’s riding mower. Now here’s a visual for you… the Stolls live .4 mile up the hill. When I say hill I mean it. It is steep. Lyndon walked up and then rode the mower down Northgate. even funnier would be him riding it back up when he was finished. I wish I had taken a picture.Needless to say, buying a new mower was a high priority.
Lyndon was off to Japan the next week and was really excited to meet up with some fellow expat husbands in Tokyo. I don’t know how he keeps up with all the time changes. Next Catherine and Emily were off to volleyball camp at UCONN. It was good but very hot. Michael had his play and Sarah went to NY to meet up with some friends from Japan. They loved staying in Lyndon’s apartment. Sarah raved so much the Catherine and Emily decided to go down the next week. Our painters finished early and all my appoinments were finished so Michael and I joined them. The girls stood in line at 8 am to buy rush tickets for Sister Act. They ended up being $25 each and front row!!!It was such a good show. I would highly recommend it. Well we got back last night and now are busy doing things around the house. Hopefully our shipment will be here in the next week or so. We head to NH on the 7th for a few days to meet up with our friends from Japan. Just our luck it will be scheduled to come in while we are gone .


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