Is it already Christmas???

I can’t believe it is already almost Christmas. Where did the time go? Sarah has finished her first semester of college! She brought home some friends for Thanksgiving. They were from Ecquador, Myanmar and China. Needless to say Thanksgiving was a new experience for them. We even took them to NY for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Catherine and Emily finished a busy season of Volleyball. They got their driver’s licenses on Nov 17th!! They both passed. We were so afraid one would pass and not the other. That would have been horrible. BUT they did great .They were fortunate enough to be able to help with the Christmas Pagaent at church again. It brought back some great memories. Michael once again is in the Hartford Stage’s production of A Christmas Carol. It is a wonderful experience and he was so happy to be able to do it again after being away for 4 years. It keeps us very busy. In total he does 26 shows. Lyndon has done some travelling to Paris, London, Greece, Poland…. We’ll see where 2012 takes him. I was able to go to Paris with him in September which was great.I had never been there before.
In weather related updates, we have been followed by Mother Nature. In August Hurricane Irene came through the NE. We did not lose power or have damage but the areas around us did and therefore schools started a day late. Then there was flooding and major rain associated with another storm. In October a freak snow storm hit CT dumping 15 inches and knocking out power. It looked like a war zone around here. Trees were down everywhere. We lost power for 8 days. After a few days of no power we headed down to NYC and stayed with Lyndon. It was our second evacuation vacation of the year. We saw three broadway shows(Anything Goes, Billy Elliot and How to Succeed) , a taping of the CHEW, the NY marathon, and did lots of shopping. We got to hang with some other Avon families as well. It was fun but the kids missed a lot of school.
Now we are days away from Christmas and there seems like there is never enough time to do all we want and to spend time with all those who we care about. Maybe time will slow down in 2012…..


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