One Year Later

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A year has passed since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  I can’t believe how time has flown by. Our lives have changed so much yet nothing compared to those affected by the earthquake. We are very thankful for all that we have. 

For New Year’s we went into New York and spent the night at Lyndon’s apartment and hung out in Times Square. We were not in the craziness but close enough. It was a great once in a lifetime event. (In other words… never again)

Last month we took a short trip to Miami for February break.  We were able to visit with some great friends, the Calderones and Ghelmans. The Ghelmans were friends from Japan. Sharon  was friends with Catherine and Emily. Eitan was friends with Michael. It was like they had never left.  It was a very special time. We had never been to that part of Florida so it was very fun.  We went into the Everglades (Shark Valley) and saw TONS of alligators and other wildlife.

Right now we are in the midst of a very warm winter/early spring in CT. It has been in the 70’s and sunny.  Sarah was in Haiti for 10 days with the Vassar Haiti Project.  It was a life changing trip. She will have to write all about it but in short, she had a week in rural Haiti without her suitcase!!!  She has new visions for her life and life long friends that she has bonded with.

Catherine and Emily study all the time.  They just took the SAT’s and will be taking the ACT’s in a  few weeks.  We are starting to look at colleges.  The big question is, “Do they want to go together or apart?”  Only time will tell.  They made the HS musical, Into The Woods, as ensemble members. They are very excited.

Michael just finished a great season of rec basketball. Soccer will start soon and I think/hope he will start track as well.

Lyndon is very busy with work. He has been travelling a lot with his job at Met Life.  Currently he is in Dubai but has been to London, Paris and Warsaw quite a  few times lately. He was actually able to catch a play in London last weekend. He saw Billy Elliott which was incredible.

I spend  much of my time driving kids around town. Catherine and Emily have their licenses but the way CT law is they cannot drive each other for the first 6 months ( or any other family mmber beside the parent). I can not wait for May 17!!!




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