OMG!! Is it really 2013??

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    As I sat down at the computer today I had a sudden flashback to our days in Japan. I remembered how we were so good about letting everyone know how we were doing and whaDSC_0784t was going on in Tokyo. It was a great way to document our lives. Then I realized I had not written on the blog for almost a year! Too much time has passed to do it justice but I will give highlights and add some pictures.
    It was March 2012 when I last wrote anything. Now here is the test of my memory ( and I apologize to anyone who feels that I have left out something important)
    April – Springtime, finally, in CT. Catherine and Emily went to Montreal with their school choir. It was a great bonding experience with some new friends. We went to Atlanta for a quick weekend at Easter. It was really nice to be together with our families.
    May – Catherine and Emily were in the HS production of Into The Woods. ( we will leave it at that 🙂 ) and Michael was running track for the MS. He mostly threw the shot put and discus. Sarah finished her first year of college. Wow that went fast!Then there was the crazy weekend of AP exams, prom and Relay For Life. It is amazing what teenagers can accomplish when they want to!!
    June – In June Lyndon and I had the opportuntity to go on a Mediterranean Cruise with his work. I had never been on a cruise and was a little wary but went anyway. It was an amazing trip. We started in Barcelona and made stops in France and Italy. I think we had the best tour guide ever in Florence. He was an art historian and knew everything with a passion. I had to come back a day early because I was co chair of project graduation decorations but it was a great trip!
    July – July was very busy. We had Michael going to camp, Catherine and Emily doing volleyball camp, Sarah continuing her intership at the CT Historical Society and taking an EMT class.Sarah’s friend from Japan, Erica Evans, came to live with us while she did an internship with Lawyers Without Borders here in Hartford. We were in NYC f


    or the 4th of July and watching the fireworks from the incredible view from Lyndon’s apartment. It overlooked the river. We could see the barges shooting the fireworks! We had comapny ranging from the De Graws to Janice and kids, to the Garrisons and the girls’ friends from Japan. It was a great opportunity for Catherine and EMily to get together with three of their friends from Japan. Ashley flew in from Japan, Sharon from Florida and Abigail from Israel. It was like they had never left each other!!We took the kids up to Boston to see the Coldplay Concert. They are absolutely amazing in concert!!! And last but not least we kicked off the Summer Olympics with an Olympic party. Who will ever forget the whipped cream pie eating contest. (Riley it was not low fat!!)
    I am sure I breezed over some of the summer fun but that was how it felt. Gone in an instant!!
    August – In August we travelled to Italy. It all started with me having the stomach flu the day before we left. I was so sick that I actually went to the doctor knowing we were going to be on a long flight. I got some anti nauseau medicine. It helped but I also think I had a reaction to it. Anyway Rome and the Amalfi coast were fabulous. Being able to see all the sights in Rome – the Vatican, Colliseum, museums, Pantheon etc along with eating TONS of gelato made for a memorable experience. We made a stop at Mt Vesuvius and Pompei on our way to the Amalfi Coast. It was soooo hot and we all got sunburned at Pompei after hiking Mt Vesuvius DSC_0429( unintentionally).. Our boat ride in Amalfi was beautiful except for the two of us who got very motion sick even after taking Dramamine. All in all another great family vacation. Then back to reality. Sarah headed off for her second year at Vassar.
    September – Catherine and Emily started their SENIOR year in HS! Michael started his first year in HS!!WOW!!The girls participated in volleyball and Michael did crew. Lyndon took Michael to an ALABAMA game which I am sure will become a fall tradition. Speaking of traditions we did get in a day of apple picking with our friends the Strassners and Raquel.
    October – It was an action packed month for the Olivers. First of all I went to Atlanta for the 2 day walk for breast cancer. I walked with my sisters and three other friends to honor the 10th anniversary of Mom’s death. We did 30 miles in two days!!Great fun. Then the next weekend Catherine, Emily and I ran the Hartford Half Marathon. No couch potatoes here!!! 13.1 because we are only half crazy.Super storm Sandy made its way up the east coast and hit CT pretty hard. We were fine but missed a few days of school because of power outages.Finally, Lyndon bought an apartment in Tribeca at the end of the month.
    November – Dad and Karen came to visit us for Thanksgiving which was fun. Everyone ran the Manchester road race. It was the first for Sarah!
    December – Wow already Christmas time. We drove to Atlanta to be with family for Christmas. It was quick but well worth it. We returned in time for New Year’s with the Strassners. Seems to be a tradition .
    January– In January Sarah organized an art sale at St Ann’s in conjunction with the Vassar Haiti Project. We hosted 10 students and adults from Vassar that weekend. The sale was a great success. People had no idea how much artwork they had to sell. It was like a mini gallery in Fr Bennett Hall. Hopefully they will do it again next year.
    February – On Friday the 8th the snow started to roll in. By the end of the storm we had 3 feet of snow.It was the most snow I have ever seen at one time. To shovel and snow blow took hours with all of us working. The drifts were easily up to my waist. It was CRAZY!! They once again missed a lot of school because the roads were so bad.( NOw our last day of school is June 27) The snow banks on the sides of roads made it almost impossible to see around corners. It really was not safe for bus stops. Then they had Feb Break the following week. Michael went to FLorida with the swim team and Catherine had her wisdom teeth taken out. Hmmm does not seem even.

    Ok so March strats on Friday. Will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? I will try to keep posting but with Sarah going to Peurto Rico on her spring break, Easter, us going to Arizona in April, maybe making it down to Atlanta for first communions, Sarah’s play in May, Ap’s , Girls going to Japan in May/June , graduation from HS…. I am sure I will be busy.

    OK so the pictures are out of order. I will work on that ASAP.

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